Sample Pack: tools, templates, checklists, courses, and capabilities overview


Assent’s FMCG workshops and consulting has helped over 1,300 Brand, Key Customer and Category Managers
to boost their performance and bring measurable ROI to their companies.


8 different courses available in brand, customer, channel and category planning – providing tools, templates, checklists to fast-track individual manager capabilities.

Process Consulting

27 specific process areas with established best practice to enable Sales and Marketing integration, strategy, and ROI.


Covering nearly all major Consumer Goods and Services industries, categories and company-types – from Food, Beverage to Banking; from small and medium companies to multi-nationals. Assent has helped hundreds of consumer goods and services Firms develop their people, brands and portfolios


"A great tool to look at all the facets that influence your brand within the Category it competes in. Good understanding of how to assess the driving force of the Category and what are the effectiveness factors we need to be good at to win in the Categories we compete in.”

“A new way of approaching strategy development.”

“A solid, basic understanding of the Categories and what it takes to succeed and a solid plan for growth in Year One to get the brands back up to speed.”

“Understanding of the Category Planning process. Build on last year’s strategy to be a solid three-year strategy plan.”

“I really liked the fact that you were very attentive to each of our individual needs and willing to spend time with us…”

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