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Category management strategy (3.0)

3.0 Category management and range reviews

Provide the basis of a robust category plan, range reviews and leverage this in A, B, C, large stores and all medium-small channel store formats.


Acquire the skills to identify and develop Shopper insights to maximise the success of your brand and its activities.

  • Learn how to identify brand objectives and problems
  • Pros and cons when developing insights plus where to look, how to think, what to describe
  • Acquire an insight development process
    How to know when you’ve hit the sweet spot.

Category management plan

  • Gather exhaustive consumer usage, attitudes and behaviours towards your brand
  • Develop relevant consumer insights (sweet spots) that your brand is able to address
  • Put in place processes to ensure your brand can maintain its relevance
Questions you will be able to answer:
  1. What is the current role of my brand in consumers’ lives and is it big enough to get my number?
  2. What is the role of my competitor in consumers’ lives, how does this differ from our brand(s), and, will they take share?
  3. Is there a major consumer need which my brand/portfolio currently does not address, but could in the future?
  4. How do I develop a powerful insight which will maximise the effect of my marketing activities?
  5. When is an insight strategic?
Sample Pack: tools, templates, checklists, courses, and capabilities overview