Will you be running public open workshops in my local city?

Please contact us to find out if we are offering workshops in your city this year. However, 90% of our workshops are in-house for groups of three or more people.

Do you offer eLearning?

Yes, in some circumstances we do if it is taken as part of an in-house workshop. We do not provide eLearning in any of our areas as a standalone.

Can I arrive late or early on a particular day?

No, not really but in some circumstances, we may be able to get you up to speed or to help you preview material you will miss – please contact us to discuss.

What are the start and end times of workshops?

Start times for all workshops are 8.45am for a 9.00am start and 5.30pm prompt on each day (4.30pm on the final day).

Can I bring my own challenges to the workshop?

Absolutely. This is encouraged, and most attendees do. They tell us that they gain both from working on their own brands, customers and categories – and also learn from the other brands in the room.

If I’m still an Assistant Brand Manager or a Brand Executive, should I just attend intermediate brand management courses to save time doing it in a year or two’s time?

This is a good thought, but not practical. In small group case study workshop environments, you may struggle as you will work with people who have been managing brands for longer than you, or maybe less experienced with you.

Can we just focus on one or two more modules and not all six?

Yes. All in-house courses are customised, and we can either spend more or less time on some modules than others. We will chat to you before we accept a brief to ensure we understand your team’s experience levels, and the current challenges that you would like to focus on.

How many people do I need for an in-house workshop?

A minimum of three in some circumstances, but we are prepared to do one or two people workshops if that is what your business requires.

Can we pay at short notice via credit card?

Yes. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. No new supplier setup is needed if you wish to pay this way, just a simple one-page brief giving us dates, times and the number of people to be trained.

How do I go about hiring Assent Consulting Group to do my training?

A one-page brief telling us the number of people to be trained, approximate dates you would like, and whether you would like us to organise it on your premises or at a nearby venue, is all we need. Ideally, a purchase order is preferred, but we can also accept credit cards.

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