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Planning bootcamp – how to write a strategic brand plan in one day (7.0)

7.0 How to write a strategic brand plan in one day


Develop a better, more strategic draft One Year Brand Plan in a day


By using Assent’s app, Managers:

  • Conduct a situation audit that identifies and informs the main sources of opportunity and threat, and thereby 20-25 ways the brand can grow, short term
  • Position or reposition the brand so that it engages with the prioritized, most attractive 20-25 ways to grow the brand
  • Set 12-month Objectives, then troubleshoot them so that they are bought-into and signed off by senior managers
  • Develop (low, medium or high-budget) comms and NPD strategies and executions that get real (incremental) growth from consumer/shopper and usage occasions, need states, evolving segments, weaker competitors, and gaps in psychographics, imagery and brand associations.

Brand strategy course


Develop a 12-month brand strategy in a short-time that can be readily communicated and successfully

  • Analyse, evaluate and prioritise opportunities for the brand
  • Learn how to write Objectives that are credible and get buy-in
  • Acquire basic action planning/project management skills
Questions you will be able to answer:
  1. Who are the direct and indirect competitors that my brand can take share from, or who will take share from my brand?
  2. What are all the ways my brand can grow, and which ones can, and should I action in the next 12 months?
  3. What should my growth metrics and goal be for this brand next year – share, volume, value and brand equity indicators?
  4. What should my spend be to achieve these metrics?
Sample Pack: tools, templates, checklists, courses, and capabilities overview