Brand Management Skills

Marketing Courses

Channel, Category and Key Customer Courses

Brand planning process; including portfolio planning tools (6.0)

6.0 Marketing Plans - Brand and Portfolio strategy and planning tools


Determine, select, prioritise the direction and activities to grow your brand over one to three years.

  • Templates and techniques in brand strategy development and planning
  • How to use situation audit information to optimise opportunities, avoid threats and create strategy
  • Training in setting objectives and strategies to maintain and build brand equity and growth
  • Techniques to determine how to use your mix

Brand strategy skills

  • Develop a brand strategy and plan which is easily understood and successfully executed
  • Take advantages of emerging opportunities
  • Address competitive threats to your brand’s growth
Questions you will be able to answer:
  1. What is the role of my brand within the business portfolio?
  2. What is the vision for my brand(s)?
  3. What activities do I need to develop and implement in order to achieve my brand goals and objectives?
  4. What resources will I need to grow both brands and portfolios?
  5. What are the key health indicators and scorecards to track performance and ROI?

All workshops include templates, tools, checklists, business case-studies, small-group exercises and opportunities for Managers to work on their own “brands, channels and customers”.

Sample Pack: tools, templates, checklists, courses, and capabilities overview